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Pioneer Energy’s (PE) tankless heater takes solar energy or off-peak electricity as the heat source of energy storage. PE’s PCM applications completely abandon the conventional water tank of a traditional water heater. The renewable energy treatment and energy conservation technology will dramatically break the current pattern of solar energy/electricity water heating solutions on urban high-end constructions.

Lansheen Tankless Solar Water Heater

Lansheen Tankless Electrical Water Heater

Tankless Solar Water Heater:

Tankless design: No water residue, no incrustation, fresh water guarantee.

Flat design:small volume, 40% reduction in size compared to the conventional solar water heaters.

Convenient installation: Install at any angle, and perfect for building integration.

Energy saving and environmental friendly: free of charge on solar energy.

High efficiency: 50% to 70% of system efficiency improvement.

Easy to use:Modular structure, can be used with other sources of heating systems; running under pressure; stable water temperature and large available hot water volume.


Household Heat Storage Electric Heater:

Low-cost: Using  off-peak electricity to store heat, reducing operating costs by 60%.

Small Volume 890x500x130 mm  and 391x326x326 mm to save precious indoor space.

Convenient: Intelligent design, safe and reliable.

Modular Design:  Can be coupled with a solar collector to utilize solar energy.


Product Name Product Type Dimension Weight(Include Vacuum Tube) Average Water Output(Temp. Rise 25ºC) Average Water Flow Rate Solar Collector Area Appearance
Build-in Tankless Heat Storage Solar Heater QR-58/1.8-8 2080X675X110 mm 75 kg 85 L 4-7 L/min 1.0 m2
QR-58/1.8-10 2080X825X110 mm 90 kg 115 L 4-7 L/min 1.27 m2
QR-58/1.8-12 2080X975X110 mm 110 kg 145 L 4-7 L/min 1.53m2
QR-58/1.8-14 2080X1125X110mm 130  kg 175 L 4-7 L/min 1.79 m2
Auxiliary Modular

 Auxiliary Electrical Charge

(2 kW)

484X110X105 mm 4 kg / / /  
Glass Cover-plate   8 Tube/ 1800X670X3.2 10 kg / / /  
10 Tube/1800X810X3.2 12 kg
12 Tube/1800X950X3.2 14 kg
14 Tube/1800X1090X3.2 16 kg


Product Name Product Type Dimension Weight Usefull Heat Storage Average Water Output(Temp. Rise 25ºC) Average Water Flow Rate Electric Heating Power Appearance
Flat Panel Electrical Water Heater
EWH-10 890X500X130 mm 75 kg 12 MJ 115 L 4-7 L/min 2 KW
EWH-12 1038X500X130mm 85 kg 15 MJ 145 L 4-7 L/min 2 KW

(Integrated Installation)

 (Split Installation 
Energy Cube Electrical Water Heater M-12 391X326X326mm 85 Kg 15 MJ 145 L 4-7 L/min 2 KW
Installation (Integrated Installation)  (Split Installation