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The core heat storage technology utilizing high density, high stability nano-composite phase change heat storage material - boasts such advantages as compact size, high efficiency, energy conservation, and environment friendliness.
The modular design can be customized to meet specific application environments and customer needs.

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Flexible  applications, various options:

•According to specific customer requirements,  Heatrix™ module design can be customized to accommodate various application systems.

•Heating Area: meets different household, commercial heat supply demands in different areas;

•Heatrix™ types: diversified types, including box-design, cylindrical design, wall-integrated design, to accommodatedifferent spaces.

•Heat transfer medium: air, anti-freeze fluid or others, can be used in various conditions;

Energy saving, environmental friendly, low cost:

•Completely utilizes solar energy, almost free of charge.

•Peak load shifting; utilizing off-peak electricity to store heat and effectively use energy.

•Combined with a heat pump, highly efficient and energy saving.

Save Space:

•The highly efficient phase change styled Heatrix™ has a high capacity to store heat while 6~20 times smaller than the traditional water tank.

•Wall-integrated Heatrix™ directly embeds the panel into the wall, not occupying any  extra space.

Product Type Heat Storage Dimension Weight Heat Charge Temp. Heating Temp. Diameter of Tube Appearance
360MJ 330x330x800mm 160 kg 85~95°C 45~75°C DN15
80MJ 410x410x1030mm 300 kg 85~95°C 45~75°C DN20
650MJ Φ1050x1750 2800 kg 85~95°C 45~75°C DN40
36MJ 1610x950x120mm 200 kg 60~75°C 45~55°C DN15
80MJ Φ835x1210 mm 450 kg 60~75°C 45~55°C DN25
320MJ Φ1140x1990mm 1600 kg 60~75°C 45~55°C DN32