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Core Technology - High Density, High Stability, Nano-composite Phase Change Heat Storage Material

Phase change heat storage utilizes the latent heat between the solid and liquid phases of the material

Pioneer Energy (PE) achieved breakthrough in PCM material development, our PCM’s stability is improved by an immense magnitude

Principle of Phase Change

Features of Material

Heat Storage Density

PE’s energy storage density can be 5 – 20 times of that of water.

Cycle Life Stability

PE’s PCM performance is stable after > 5000 cycles , can consistently perform > 20 years

Heat Conductivity

Heat conductivity is 3-4 times higher than organic material.

PE’s Proprietary PCM Formulations

Type Characteristic Temp
Energy Density
QN-1 70~80 650 Solar Storage / District Heating
QN-2 50~60 400 Solar Storage/ Energy Storage Heat Pump / Peak Load Shifting
QN-3 20~30 330 Photovoltaic / Construction
QN-4 4~10 225 Cold Storage/Peak Load Shifting
QN-5 110~250 660 Industrial Waste Energy Recovering/CSR
QN-6 500~700 700 High Temperature Heat Storage/High Temperature Heat Recovery

Organic PCM VS Inorganic PCM

PE Inorganic Organic
Energy Density High Low
Heat Transfer Efficiency/Heat Conductivity High Low
Stability Stable Stable
Cost Low High