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In the 21st century, energy problems have become increasingly prominent. To promote national economic and social development, energy efficiency has been explicitly included in China’s twelfth five-year plan. Thus, using phase-change materials for heat storage and utilization resolves not only the time contradiction in heat supply and demand, but also the uneven spatial distribution in heat supply and demand. This effectively raises energy utilization efficiency, saves energy, and reduces emission. Phase-change technology can be widely used in solar energy collection and utilization, electricity peak shift, waste heat recovery, and the heating and air conditioning in public property. Recently, this technology has become an international R&D hotspot.

In May 2011, Pioneer Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., the high-tech company, was established in Zhangjiagang. Focusing on high-density phase change heat storage technology, Pioneer Energy commits to developing highly efficient clean energy and energy saving technology. In Shanghai, the company has established a tech center to enhance phase-change material. With several PhDs and masters, the R&D team created a mature R&D system. The company applied for 42 patents, 12 of which have been granted, and has built strategic partnerships with fortune 500 companies worldwide.


Revolutionary technology results in innovative products. Pioneer’s patented high-density, high-stability, nano-composite phase-change heat storage technology successfully opened the industrialization gate of energy mass storage, which applies to solar energy collection and utilization, distributed heating, thermo storage heat pump, electricity peak shift, wind power storage, and industrial waste heat recovery.

The features of small volume, high efficiency, energy reduction, and environmental friendliness are shown using our core technology — high-density, high-stability, nano-composite phase-change material. Module designs can be customized to meet specific application environments.

Independently developed by Pioneer Energy and granted many independent intellectual property rights, Lansheen tankless solar water heaters are sold in the public market, and have received consistently great comments from both consumers and experts. The renewable energy processing and saving technology will break the current market structure of solar energy hot water solutions for urban high-end buildings, and will pioneer an industrialization revolution.

Currently, Pioneer Energy owns Heatrix、Heattery ®Lansheen.