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Pioneer Energy (Jiangsu)Co., LTD

Jiangsu Pioneer Energy Co., Ltd is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, established by international venture capital and a multi-national high-tech team. The facility is located in the city of Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province.

The company focuses on developing highly effective heat storage technology and products. Pioneer Energy’s core technology creates proprietary high density, high stability nano-composite phase-change heat storage material. With innovative creativity, the company has attained groundbreaking progress in PCM technology worldwide.


Currently, Pioneer has developed five effective, long-lasting material formulae; three have been released for commercial production.

The LansheenTM tankless solar heaters, and other high-tech products, are implemented in various applications, including solar energy collection and utilization, distributed heating, thermo storage heat pump, electricity peak shift, wind power storage, and waste heat recovery.